'"Decriminalizing Cannabis Is Long Overdue': Politicians, Experts React To Chuck Schumer's Marijuana Bill," by Javier Hasse for Benzinga

Photo credit: Benzinga, 2018

TCMS Global Co-founder and Managing partner, Larisa Bolivar, was recently quoted in Benzinga:


Larisa Bolivar is co-founder and managing partner at TCMS Global and a longtime cannabis advocate and entrepreneur. 

“Decriminalizing cannabis is long overdue,” Bolivar told Benzinga.

“There is zero evidence that cannabis is toxic. It is recorded in codexes thousands of years old as having medicinal value. It will also be better for the cannabis market to enable business development on all aspects of cannabis' benefits for the economy and consumer.”

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World Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo

Catch Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Larisa Bolivar, at the World Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo at 11:00 AM with Bonita "Bo" Money and Freeways Rick Ross as they discuss diversity in the cannabis industry, how under served communities learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and different social equity plans that are being implemented in numerous cities.

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Catch Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Larisa Bolivar, at the Women in Cannabis Conference on Wednesday November 13th from 9:00 AM - 5:00PM speaking along side Wanda James, Kalee Hooghkirk, Dr. Dina and Renee Gagnon.  They will be focusing on networking while talking about women's empowerment and their progress in the industry.  

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Catch Founders and TCMS Global Managing Partners Larisa Bolivar and Noel Billingsley at MJBizCon, the industries premier networking event, November 14 - 16, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.