"Our team includes a network of professionals for every phase of development..."

Company Mission

The mission of KanaVate to help cannabis businesses achieve success and maximum profitability by providing management solutions, business development and financial strategies for new and existing enterprises.

Company Profile

KanaVate, is a full-service cannabis and hemp consulting firm that offers end-to-end business development services including licensing, strategic development, standard operating procedures, management services, financial strategies and legal and trademark services to cannabis touching and ancillary businesses in the emerging cannabis industry.

KanaVate provides new and expanding cannabis businesses all the tools needed to launch, manage, develop their brands to achieve maximum return on their investment.  

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Our leadership brings to over 30 years of professional experience in multiple emerging industries, cannabis business ownership, industry consulting, and policymaking. 

Larisa Bolivar, M.A.

Larisa Bolivar, M.A. has over 16 years’ experience in the cannabis space, leading in multiple capacities and is a recognized industry pioneer in Colorado by Sensi Magazine. Having previously owned and operated a dispensary, she has spent the last ten years helping clients win licenses in competitive states. In addition she has written standard operating procedures and other company operating documents across multiple highly regulated markets, assisted companies in becoming more efficient and profitable, has successfully helped business get organized and prepared for mergers and acquisitions and further provides organizational development support. She has worked with startups in three emerging industries in multiple capacities, including clean technology startup, GridPoint, which was acquired in 2015 by TFC Utilities. Ms. Bolivar is Executive Director and Chairwoman of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition and is on the Board of Directors of Colorado NORML. She has published articles in respected publications such as the Denver Post, and in 2017, she published the Cannabis Consumers Coalition: 2017 report on Cannabis Consumer Demographics and Consumption Habits that was mentioned by Forbe’s, Entrepreneur and Investing News. A well-recognized global expert on cannabis policy, industry and business, Ms. Bolivar has been featured and quoted in multiple publications and speaks on a variety of cannabis business and advocacy topics at major conferences around the globe.

Q. Venice Speights, M.A., MBA, J.D.

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Q. Venice Speights, M.A., M.B.A  concentrating in finance, and J.D. has over 15 years in Human Resources and 7 years of practicing law. She has worked in several boutique law firms handling cases in wills, trust, estate, real estate, and family law. She is a community activist and advocate for social equity in Cannabis. She holds a BA in Business Management, from Clark Atlanta University a MA in HRIR from the University of MN, an MBA from a Nova Southeastern University, and a JD from Valparaiso University School of Law and currently working on several certifications in Cannabis. She has been working with Social Equity applicants since IL announced legalizing recreational marijuana within the State. She understands the positive economic impact it will on our communities that have disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs and want to support other social equity applicants in this space.    

Our Team

Our team includes cannabis industry veterans who have owned and operated cannabis businesses, won awards for cannabis flower, written winning cannabis businesses licenses and highly competitive grants, written and passed cannabis related legislation, and practiced business law. We also have experience in compliance, human resources management, training and development, cultivation, processing, product development, and retail management.  By working with us, your business will be known as a responsible and reputable brand with some of the most powerful people in the country.

Why Us

Our experience and extended network of cannabis professionals with decades of experience, we provide you with holistic business solutions.  Our team has successfully won licenses in multiple states and have helped multiple companies develop successful strategies and achieve revenue growth and international brand recognition.  We have also worked in every field within the cannabis and hemp industry, including, but not limited to policy, compliance, marketing, public relations, licensing, security and operational management.  We have access to vetted investors and have successfully negotiated mergers and acquisitions, as well as assisting companies through IPOs.