KanaVate is the cannabis industry's most trusted business development and operational consulting firm with unmatched industry expertise and experience.  

KanaVate can assist with every aspect of building and scaling a successful cannabis business from application to buildout to exit and everything in between.

KanaVate puts quality first with owners who have a history in cultivating cannabis, manufacturing cannabis products, regulatory compliance, and consumer protection.

We Offer a Full Suite of Exceptional Services 

Want to open a cannabis dispensary, cultivation or processing facility? 


KanaVate provides seed to sale business development for licensed cannabis businesses, including:


  • Licensing

  • Facility Design

  • Equipment Procurement

  • Supply-Chain Development

  • Funding

  • Operational Development

  • Staff Development and Training

  • Compliance

Need help on specific projects and don't want to hire full-time staff to save money?


We provide project management for a variety of cannabis business related projects. We get that startups have limited budgets and a lot of needs. Allow KanaVate to fill in the gaps by providing the following a la cart services:


  • Business Plan Development 

  • Facility Design

  • Facility Buildout

  • Technical Procurement

  • Staff Development

  • Technical Writing:

    • License Applications

    • Standard Operating Procedures

    • White Papers

  • Grant Writing 

  • Project Management

Want to grow or sell your business, form a joint venture, looking for investors or want to take your business public? 

Business development is our forte and we have successfully raised money for our businesses and others and one of our founders is a business attorney with years of experience negotiating business deals. Let us prepare you for you business development needs by providing the following services: 

  • Investor Decks

  • Contract Development and Review

  • Negotiation Support

  • Market Analysis

  • Financial Modeling

  • Private Placement Memorandums

  • Access to Vetted Investors

Do you need help in developing corporate social responsibility plans?

We specialize in social equity and sustainability! Our founders are pioneers in the cannabis social equity movement having written laws to create social equity in Colorado and winning workforce development grants in California with our proven social equity roadmap. Both founders possess decades of policy work and community service and social justice activism within communities most harmed by the war on drugs. 

One of our founders has an extensive background in energy management and sustainable facility operations having worked for a billion dollar energy management company and running the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, a cannabis consumer watchdog organization helping to create standards for cannabis operations for quality control and working with other organizations such as FOCUS who are crafting international cannabis business standards. 

Let us design your corporate responsibility plan that matches today's demands for social and environmental stewardship.


We are an innovative Cannabis and Hemp company designed to elevate your business from seed to sale using real world experience and a record of success. KanaVate, prides itself as a comprehensive cannabis consulting firm that provides end-to-end services to help entrepreneurs launch and operate a successful and profitable cannabis or hemp business, from start to exit, or whatever your future plans will be.  We provide you with the strategies necessary for you to achieve operational goals, efficiency, growth, brand recognition and profitability.  

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We will build and even help you manage your cannabis business.